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FDA cracking down on fat-melting injections
WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on what are billed as fat-melting injections used in spas across the U.S., saying the drugs have not been proven safe or effective.

Ordinance to regulate shady spas
JEFFERSON — As police in nearby jurisdictions investigate spas, massage parlors and other businesses suspected of acting as fronts for prostitution, Jefferson officials are trying to make sure any similar businesses are legitimate when they come to town.

ChooseHotTubsDirect Thrives In Economic Downturn: Steven Barbarich Succeeds in Portable Spa Hot Tubs Industry by Maintaining Business Philosophy
ChooseHotTubsDirect and CEO Steven Barbarich succeeds during the current global recession as more consumers turn to the Internet for cheaper alternatives. The e-commerce start-up employs a factory-direct business model that allows it to avoid several middlemen and offer attractive, affordable wholesale prices on its portable spa hot tubs. Steve Barbarich established an internal team of technically trained sales persons & customer service representatives to assist these new economical shoppers and maintain an effective & consistent sales process.

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